Love Your Home and Commute

Many of my clients desperately want to move out of the city.  Their families are expanding, city life is wearing on them & they just need more space.  The problem is that they:

A. Don't want to give up city salaries!

B. Don't want to spend hours each day commuting.

What if there was a win win situation.  Many of my clients never even thought about commuting through the ferry.  In 30 minutes, your in the city.  No bus delays, just peaceful ocean views while you enjoy your morning coffee.  It takes just as much time as taking a path train, so instead of moving out of the city to afford a three bedroom in Jersey City, you can own a beautiful home with great school systems.  

What a Million Dollars will buy you:

NYC - $990,000

A beautiful (1) Bedroom, (1) Bathroom home in a nice neighborhood.

Jersey City - $1,1149,000

A (3) Bedroom (2.5) Bath Condo

Monmouth County - $1,199,000

(4) Bedroom, (4) Bathroom New Construction in Prestigious Rumson