Smoke Alarms Saved My Life

A few years ago, the Red Bank Fire Chief came to my home to check for proper installation of smoke alarms.  He told me I needed one in each bedroom.  Great, another couple hundred out of pocket to hire an electrician, just what every new home owner wants to hear.  In the end, that extra expense saved my like.  My home was already engulfed in flames, when the alarm in my bedroom woke me up.  I made it out of the house within seconds of the windows exploding. 


Right around the same time, there was another fire in Brooklyn.  A fire broke out in the middle of the night killing seven siblings.  The following is the quote from the Brooklyn Fire Marshall:

Firefighters found no evidence of smoke detectors in the first and second floors.

Please make sure there is a working smoke detector in every room of your home.  This is a good time to check your batteries too!